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bangtan in preschool


jin: in charge of bandaids

jimin: knows every jonas brothers song by heart

jungkook: can read at first grade level and won’t let u forget it

rapmon: falls off the monkey bars constantly

jhope: talks really loud and gets put in time out

suga: nap time is all the time

taehyung: eats glue

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Everybody loves Jaehyo

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i hate when a teacher is genuinely funny and i’m the only one in the entire classroom that laughs at their jokes since everybody i go to school with are distasteful heathens

#especially those sarcastic witty teachers who have amazing comebacks but everyone is fucking moronic and not intelligent enough to understand the beauty of what theyre saying and i get so upset

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Proudly posing with the fish when…

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pyo: *rolls up to the mcdonalds drive thru in $300k car*

pyo: can i get a kids meal with a toy please

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Why does all Jackson’s friends pictures with mark tagged as #markson by his friends on Instagram? Do they know something we don’t?

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( All dem Markson feels, baby~ )


damn it, bambam move out the way