Leader N who is proud of his skin color 

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9/100 gifs of B.I  / epik high - born hater /

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sometimes jin looks like he owns fifty rolex watches and smells like gucci by gucci but then sometimes he looks like he uses bubble gum-scented bath bubbles and tries to shove pennies up his nose to impress girls

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this whole love-serenade…

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2seok struggling to concentrate feat. Jimin’s not at all helpful snoring

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[MAGAZINE] Jay Park – Elle Korea Magazine November Issue ‘14 1205x1560

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teacher: youre late to class 

me: i was in the bathroom

teacher: thats not an acceptable excuse



I don’t think anyone understands this taehyung wasn’t with bts on the red carpet because he was literally in the bathroom oh my god

Lets not forget the food truck incident..

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